Since 1992, Hardwood Floors and Millwork Finishing Specialist, Shlomo Laniado, has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from a simple Laminate Floor installations to one of a kind custom Hardwood Floor, to providing a complete Millwork Package.  Shlomo founded Ambience Development Ltd in 2003 and has served his clients for over 25 years with progressive professional experience.

Shlomo has installed Hardwood Floors and Custom Millwork in some of Vancouver’s most prestigious Homes and Businesses as well as World Class Restaurants, Community Centers and Gym floors.

The best part of Shlomo’s job, who is always hands-on, is to see the happy smiles on his clients’ face; enjoying a job well done.

In his free time Shlomo enjoys the outdoors, motorcycling, swimming, surfing and sailing in the ocean, exercising, and spending time with his wife Naama, their four daughters and their dog. He is also an active member in the community.

“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Shlomo, who replaced my kitchen floor with cork. The job was done effectively, cleanly and swiftly. I am delighted with the result and highly recommend him!”

Sheila B.

HI everyone,
Hope summer is full of delight and peace for you all.
We recently put new flooring in our downstairs and were so pleased with our results that we thought we would pass along the relevant information.
If you are in need of any new flooring, don’t hesitate to call Shlomo Laniado ( a VTT Parent).
His work is fast, honest and he was a true pleasure to work with.

Elana E.

“On behalf of Noni and myself I wish to thank you for the wonderful work that your team performed in our house. We are very happy with the results , and very glad to have met you, and to get to know you a little better.”